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CMK-384 check_mkevents: Make check for hostname AND ipaddress match possible
CMK-369 Event hostname / address filter does not work as user expects
CMK-364 Deleting a folder will not delete all files of the contained hosts
CMK-356 info, params und parsed dürfen nicht modifiziert werden
CMK-344 table.cell(): Fix escaping of cell content
CMK-343 CMC robuster gegen kaputte Logeintraege machen (SEGV verhindern)
CMK-342 xinetd for livestatus: only_from not marked as handled by omd
CMK-340 Translation of "Line" is problematic
CMK-339 Activate Changes fails after update if some host with an deprecated check is down
CMK-329 Support event processing (eg cancelling) after rewriting
CMK-328 Change all levels of all checks and use always value >= crit, not value > crit
CMK-325 LDAP: Once synced contact groups can not be deleted anymore
CMK-317 Preview of report not refreshed when imported templates change
CMK-305 OMD: LIVESTATUS_TCP_PORT does not check for duplicate ports
CMK-297 liveproxyd does not handle very slow and stalled connections well
CMK-295 EC: owner field is not being used
CMK-288 Matching of Texts in EC inconsistent if no regexes are used
CMK-287 winperf_phydisk: better handle counter wraps
CMK-286 problem checking pacemaker cluster: rscstatus deprecated
CMK-284 Check cache usage of the HW/SW inventory check
CMK-283 Improve performance of some pages (using automations)
CMK-270 Services marked as vanished even if they have been disabled previously
CMK-267 Fix typo in rules apc_symentra to apc_symmetra
CMK-265 Make services without host permission visible in BI
CMK-259 Fix piggyback cleanup mechanism
CMK-252 WATO git: Configuration files change without config changes
CMK-251 Rename notification spooler config variable
CMK-250 Contact group inheritance in WATO
CMK-249 cmk-update-agent: Better configuration of updater plugin to prevent problems during updates
CMK-247 WATO-Hosts: Position of Icons for Bulk operations
CMK-242 WATO CSV-Import: Header "None" in case of no header
CMK-237 Delete /var/lib/check_mk_agent after deinstalling baked agent
CMK-231 Special handling for state change PEND -> NON-OK
CMK-225 Megaraid pdisks/ldisks naming scheme makeover
CMK-209 Too long view titles are overlapped by the CMK logo in PDFs
CMK-206 Checks need to be spreaded more over time
CMK-199 WATO folder filter does not work in group summary viewss
CMK-196 core can end in endless loop if helper can't be started
CMK-193 Drop the "site icons" feature
CMK-191 omd diff: Changes after setting up site without config changes
CMK-186 Host with datasource program should not be force to have an IP address
CMK-184 WATO Backup not working in distributed environments
CMK-183 omd restore deletes historic data if backup was done with -N
CMK-181 Monitoring core on a slave site needs to restart when a mkp update installs new files
CMK-174 Sites crashes if connection is changed from slave to no replication
CMK-173 Folder for webapi is missing in local structure
CMK-170 EventFilterState() based view filters handle all boxes unticked not as expected
CMK-167 If you change a ruleset that is just used by the agent bakery, no pending change should be created
CMK-164 Error in check plugins breaks automation for package info
CMK-163 Config option mkeventd_service_levels named bad
CMK-162 Linux agent: Directory /var/lib/check_mk_agent/cache not removed because it is not empty during apt-get purge
CMK-158 LDAP sync: synchronizes sites for each user in case a profile changed
CMK-157 WATO: deprecate wato_legacy_eval in mk_eval/mk_repr
CMK-155 Timeofday()/AbsolueDate() are inconsistent with their default values
CMK-152 Predictive icon for Interface outbound traffic missing
CMK-149 Analyse: item vs. _no_item
CMK-148 RRDTool is unable to process variable definitions containing "-"
CMK-147 Service crontab survives hard crash of server
CMK-145 Popup menu for actions on host/services looks nasty in case of an error
CMK-139 Windows Agent: When overwriting a file (esp. state files) use an intermediate file to prevent data loss
CMK-137 Trying to remove rule-based downtime from host/service view gives no hint that this won't work
CMK-132 Compiled MIB files (py, pyc) must not be put under local/ but below var/
CMK-130 Speedup SNMP scan by bulk fetching of OIDs
CMK-126 Excessive Agent output can interfere with check_mk
CMK-125 User without the permission "Use Check_MK sidebar" has a white bar on the left
CMK-124 Host and Service View with Layout "Matrix" are broken
CMK-123 Automatic login after site copy
CMK-116 Cleanup Version: output of special agents
CMK-113 H/W-SW-Check consumes a lot of active check check helpers
CMK-112 esx_vsphere_counters_ramdisk: Sizes seem not to be consistent over all systems
CMK-109 Interval for SNMP-Checks rule affects manual calls on command line
CMK-104 Harmonize Export Functions
CMK-99 Make cmk --keepalive reload possible without execv
CMK-96 Rename service descriptions of ORACLE checks, move %s to the end
CMK-391 Host diagnostic page: warn/show agent types that are not configured
CMK-380 Analyse: Bakery: New host does not have an agent by default
CMK-379 Reporting: Preview with an arbitrary context
CMK-376 Improve Agent (+Plugin) error handling
CMK-375 View commands: Add context help texts
CMK-373 Notification spooling: only for certain plugin types or users
CMK-370 vsphere/piggyback: optionally use alias instead of hostname
CMK-357 Make visibility of Views in Snapin customizable
CMK-353 Schedule downtime for host *and* services
CMK-352 Oracle Sessions should be able to define limits per Database
CMK-338 Implement custom sorting of infos in view editor
CMK-331 Availability of host group should be reachable via host groups view
CMK-330 Improve robustness of agent output parsing
CMK-314 Agent Bakery: Selection for package creation
CMK-311 Simulation Mode should be displayed in multisite
CMK-309 Omit the "Service " from column headers for service views
CMK-290 Liveproxyd: Flap detection
CMK-289 Manage members of a contactgroup in the contactgroup
CMK-282 Clarify --no-tcp option: Even when it is named tcp, do we mean data sources in general?
CMK-281 View painters: Fix escaping of painter content
CMK-268 Switch "mkevent" command from pipe to socket communication
CMK-266 Detect and warn about outdated checks in local/ hierachy
CMK-258 Reflect "cluster aware" information of checks in man pages
CMK-257 Make "site" infos available e.g. as group header in "Events ..." views
CMK-253 Cleanup environment handling of OMD sites
CMK-243 It should be possible to submit wato confirmation prompts with enter
CMK-198 add support for bakery rule "Set cache age for plugins and local checks" on linux
CMK-153 Unicode characters in HTTP variables crash the GUI in different places
CMK-136 Prevent spelling mistakes in code changes
CMK-135 Manpage for check_mk binary
CMK-57 Documentation for WATO check formalization missing
CMK-32 Windows: Counter-Monitoring - Doku/Implementierung?