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TitelActivate Changes fails after update if some host with an deprecated check is down

To reproduce the bug: - Create site with version 1.2.8 or earlier - Configure a host with a postfix service (postfix_mailq) - Cut the connection to the host (services will be stale) - update to 1.4.0 - create a rule for the postfix service (Number of mails in outgoing mail queue) - Activate Changes It seems, that the autochecks.mk is not updated, if the agent_data of a host is not reachable. -------- LM The error is: Failed: Error creating configuration: Invalid entry '({'deferred': (10, 20)}, [], ['@all'], [''])' in host configuration list: must have 2 or 3 entries (on host oldstable, checktype postfix_mailq) Traceback (most recent call last): File "/omd/sites/oldstable/share/check_mk/modules/check_mk.py", line 4722, in do_restart() File "/omd/sites/oldstable/share/check_mk/modules/check_mk.py", line 3861, in do_restart do_create_config(with_agents=True) File "/omd/sites/oldstable/share/check_mk/modules/check_mk.py", line 3745, in do_create_config create_core_config() File "/omd/sites/oldstable/share/check_mk/modules/check_mk.py", line 2870, in create_core_config do_create_cmc_config(opt_cmc_relfilename) File "/omd/sites/oldstable/share/check_mk/modules/cmc.py", line 140, in do_create_cmc_config hosts_config = _measure_time(cmc_all_hosts) File "/omd/sites/oldstable/share/check_mk/modules/cmc.py", line 172, in _measure_time result = func(*args, **kwargs) File "/omd/sites/oldstable/share/check_mk/modules/cmc.py", line 418, in cmc_all_hosts hosts_config = cmc_hosts() + cmc_shadow_hosts() File "/omd/sites/oldstable/share/check_mk/modules/cmc.py", line 434, in cmc_hosts con += cmc_host(hostname) File "/omd/sites/oldstable/share/check_mk/modules/cmc.py", line 593, in cmc_host con += cmc_services(hostname, tags, attrs, macros, contactlist_id) File "/omd/sites/oldstable/share/check_mk/modules/cmc.py", line 626, in cmc_services host_checks = get_check_table(hostname, remove_duplicates=True).items() File "/omd/sites/oldstable/share/check_mk/modules/check_mk.py", line 1997, in get_check_table for entry in read_autochecks_of(hostname, world): File "/omd/sites/oldstable/share/check_mk/modules/discovery.py", line 1279, in read_autochecks_of autochecks.append((check_type, item, compute_check_parameters(hostname, check_type, item, parameters))) File "/omd/sites/oldstable/share/check_mk/modules/check_mk.py", line 4512, in compute_check_parameters entries = get_checkgroup_parameters(host, checktype, item) File "/omd/sites/oldstable/share/check_mk/modules/check_mk.py", line 4548, in get_checkgroup_parameters raise MKGeneralException(str(e) + " (on host %s, checktype %s)" % (host, checktype)) cmk.exceptions.MKGeneralException: Invalid entry '({'deferred': (10, 20)}, [], ['@all'], [''])' in host configuration list: must have 2 or 3 entries (on host oldstable, checktype postfix_mailq) The problem here is that the check is using the new ruleset which is a service ruleset instead of a host ruleset (like the old one). This is no configuration warning but an exception which prevents activation of the configuration. Updating the autochecks would solve the problem, but that is not possible in this situation because of the unreachable host). Possible workaround: Remove the autochecks of this host from var/check_mk/autochecks/[host].mk and re-discover it once it's reachable again. ---- We could fix this by making read_autochecks_of() skip these invalid autochecks with a configuration warning. Together with the hint that a rediscover might solve the situation.