Werk #0276: Livestatus now supports Nagios 4

TitelLivestatus now supports Nagios 4
Datum2014-02-06 15:51:24
Checkmk EditionCheckmk Raw Edition (CRE)
Checkmk Version1.2.5i1
LevelMajor Change
KlasseNew Feature
KompatibilitätKompatibel - benötigt kein manuelles Eingreifen

It is now possible to compile livestatus for nagios4. The setup.sh script from the check_mk tarball now autodetects the nagios version and proposes it during the setup process.
You can also choose the version manually (3 or 4).
Depending on the chosen version livestatus includes the nagios headers from 3.2.0 or 4.0.2.

If you just want to compile livestatus you can set the nagios version via an option in the configure script.
configure --with-nagios4