Werk #4753: Inactive browser windows/tabs are not updated until focused again

TitelInactive browser windows/tabs are not updated until focused again
Datum2017-05-31 16:53:38
Checkmk EditionCheckmk Raw Edition (CRE)
Checkmk Version1.5.0i1
LevelProminent Change
KlasseNew Feature
KompatibilitätKompatibel - benötigt kein manuelles Eingreifen

This change should be a performance improvement to reduce the load of the sites webserver.

While a Check_MK GUI page is opened in the browser several parts are updating themselfs in the background, for example sidebar snapins, dashlets and views.

A lot of users open several instances of the GUI in different browser tabs (or windows) and leave them inactive in the background. They open different tabs and keep the others in background or even leave their computer running and just lock their user session.

In such situation the browser keeps updating the page elements even when no one looks at the information.

We have now implemented a mechanism to detect whether or not a page is visible or hidden to the user. In later case the updates are stopped until the user opens the page again, then the updates are immediately done.

This change should be seamless for the user in most cases because the updates are immediately done when the user focuses the page again, but it might happen that you see a "grayed out" page for a short time. This grayed out page visualizes that the information is outdated. If you should see this for several seconds there is something wrong. But you can always tell your browser to reload the page which should resolve this.