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Check manual page of aix_diskiod

Checkmk Manual

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Throughput on AIX hard disks

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: AIX

This check measures the disk IO of hard disks on AIX. The agent provides this information via the command diskio -d. This check is compatible with diskstat, but only supports throughput, no latency and queue lengths. Please read further details in the man page of diskstat.


Either "SUMMARY" for a summarized check of alls LUNs or the name of the disk device, e.g. "hdisk15".


The inventory is configured via diskstat_inventory_mode. If this is set to "single" (the default), then one check will be created for each disk. If it is set to "summary" then only one service per host will be created that has at least one hard disk. If set to "legacy" then a separate check for read and write will be created (deprecated).