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Mirror state of LVM logical volumes on AIX

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: AIX

This check monitors the mirror state of LVM logical volumes in the root volumegroup on AIX.

It makes sure that all logical volumes are in the the open,syncd state. If a LV is in state closed, the check will give a WARN message to inform you. Exception: LVs of type boot are OK if they are in state closed

It detects mirrored LVs and alerts with a WARN state, if there are obvious allocation errors, or a CRIT state, if the volume state is not syncd.


The name path of the VG and LV (e.g. "rootvg/hd10").


On service is created for each logical volume in rootvg. If the agent is modified to report volumes from other volume groups, those will also be monitored.