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AWS/RDS Limits

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: AWS

This check monitors the AWS/RDS limits. To make this check work you have to configure the related special agent Amazon Web Services (AWS).

From the AWS API method {describe_account_attributes} we get the following default limits:

- DB instances: 40

- Reserved DB instances: 40,

- Allocated storage: 100 TB

- DB security groups: 25

- Authorizations per DB security group: 20

- DB parameter groups: 50

- Manual snapshots: 100

- Event subscriptions: 20

- DB subnet groups: 50 - Option groups: 20

- Subnet per DB subnet groups: 20

- Read replica per master: 5

- DB clusters: 40

- DB cluster parameter groups: 50

- DB cluster roles: 5

From above API method we addtionally get the amount of used instances/space per limit type.

With both values we calculate the usage of each limit type in percent. Default levels are set to 80, 90 percent per type. For each limit type the limit and usage levels are configurable.

If limits are enabled account attributes of RDS resource are additionally fetched.


One service will be created.