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State of CUPS Printer Queues

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: Linux, FREEBSD

This check uses the output of lpstat -p and lpstat -o as sent by the Check_MK linux agent. It lists the general state of a queue and the jobs in the printer queue of the CUPS printing system.

The check analyzes the overall state of a printer using the first words in each line of lpstat -p. The words "is idle", "disabled since", "now printing" trigger the resulting state. The resulting state also depends on the number of jobs in the queue and the age of the oldest job in the queue.

Be aware that custom parameters for jobs in queue will be preferred. Even if e.g. "disabled since" would result in CRIT but the length of queue is OK and vice versa.


The name of the printer in CUPS as printed by lpstat -p.


Checks are created for all available printers in lpstat -p output.