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Check manual page of dell_powerconnect_cpu

Checkmk Manual

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Dell PowerConnect Switches: CPU load

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: SNMP

This check monitors the CPU load on Dell PowerConnect Switches which support the RADWARE-MIB. It will check the percentage of the CPU load for the following states:

- 1 second (the load average of when the check ran). - 60 seconds (the "average" over the last 60 seconds at the time the check occurred). - 5 minutes (the "average" over the last 5 minutes, at the time the check occurred).

A single service will be created showing the percentage of CPU use at the time the check occurred (using the 1 second load average). However, charts are created for each of the load averages, using values obtained during each execution of the service check.

The state of the check will return a WARNING value when the percentage of the 1 second load value exceeds the warning threshold, and is less then the critical threshold. If the load values exceeds the critical threshold, then it will return a CRITICAL state.

Currently, testing has been completed with the Dell PowerConnect 5448 and 5424 models, however the service check may work with other models.


During the inventory phase of check_mk, it will identify one service CPU, as long as the MIB defined above is supported on the switch.