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Check manual page of f5_bigip_vserver

Checkmk Manual

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F5 Big-IP: Virtual Servers

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: SNMP

The check queries the MIB tables of F5 BIG-IP load balancers (local traffic managers) for the status of any virtual server defined on them. It supports devices running the 9.0 and above releases of the F5 OS. It's tested against 9.3 devices.

There is one special handling in the check. If the vserver is not available and all its children pool members are down the check reports OK.

All states are configurable. Default values are OK (is up and available, the children pool member(s) are down if VServer is not available), WARN (is disabled, availability unknown), CRIT (is currently not available, is not available), UNKNOWN (is unlicensed).


Name of virtual server


One service is created for each server found online if the server is not in state "Warning".