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Fibrechannel HBAs on HP-UX servers

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: HPUX

This check is intended to alert you of problems in a servers SAN connection. It can differentiate different FC Login states and different driver states. If a port loses connectivity, you will be getting a "CRIT" status.

The check will go to "UNKNOWN" if the HBA is removed, or to "WARNING" if it detects a Firmware crashdump.

The check reports the HBAs hardware path to ease troubleshooting. The agent also reports WWN info, but this is currently unused.


The name of the adapter, i.e. "fcd0"


One item for every HBA using the "fcd" driver that had an active SAN connection at the time of inventory. Older "td" / "fcms" based HBAs are not reported from the agent per default.