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IBM servers: Physical Disks

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: SNMP

This check monitors the state of the physical disks on a IBM xSeries / SystemX PC-based server that has the IBM SNMP management software installed. It can be used for "agentless" monitoring of disk failures, and should even work with different types of raid controllers in the same server. (It is only tested on a system with one Adaptec-based controller) The check verifies a disk has not disappeared, and will go to CRIT otherwise. If there is status data for the disk the check will return CRIT for a dead disk, WARN for a disk that is rebuilding and OK if the disk is active.


A combination of the controller, enclosure and the slot number, separated by a slash, for example "1/0/4" for controller 1, enclosure 0 and slot 4. The naming is chosen to be compatible with the megaraid_pdisks check, so in dual monitoring one of them needs to be disabled using disabled_checks.


All disks are automatically inventorized.