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SNMP Management Board: Dell PowerEdge Server: State of Network Devices

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: SNMP

This check monitors the state of the network devices of Dell PowerEdge Servers. The state is extracted from the device via SNMP from the parameters networkDeviceStatus and networkDeviceConnectionStatus.

The state of the check is OK when the device returns a state of OK. The state of the cehck is WARN when the device returns a state of other, unknown or nonCritical. The state of the check is CRIT otherwise.

The state also returns OK when the connections status is CONNECTED. It returns CRIT otherwise und WARN if the connection status is UNKNOWN

No limits are set in the check.

In addition to the state the following information is retrieved and displayed in the check output: name of the product, current MAC address , description of the device and manufacturer,


The name of the fqdd variable for the device


All network devices of the device are detected