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Options of mounted filesystems

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: Linux

This check monitors the options with which a filesystem is mounted by using the output of /proc/mounts. In normal operation mount options should never change. In recent versions of Linux (e.g. UBUNTU oneiric), the mount option commit= may change automatically depending on the current battery state, so this option is being excluded from the monitoring. Also excluded is the option localalloc= for recent kernels and OCFS2 filesystems.

This check goes critical if the mount option ro appears. This might indicate IO errors have occurred, causing the filesystem to switch to read-only mode.

Any other change of mount options will trigger a warning state.

If the filesystem is not being found mounted, the check returns an UNKNOWN state.


The mount point of the filesystem.


All filesystems which are not of the type tmpfs will be monitored. The inventory uses the current mount options as check parameter. Note: the agent sends only filesystems which have a device below /dev, so network filesystems and virtual filesystems are excluded by the agent.