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Veritas VxVM: Status of Objects

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: HPUX, Linux

This check is used to track the status of objects in Veritas VxVM. Currently, it can only track the status of v - Volume level objects. It will be OK if a volume is an active status, or if it was dismounted/stopped cleanly by admin action. If any other status is detected, it will go to CRIT.

If a diskgroup goes to disabled by catastrophic failure or admin error, the check can no longer report the volume status, as the volumes as objects become unavailable.

The check should be extensible for tracking status in multiple layers.

You need to install the agent plugin vxvm.


One item is generated per volume in the volume manager. The naming is diskgroup-volume. The inventory includes layered volumes v2, if you do not need data on these, use ignored_services to exclude them from monitoring.