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Check manual page of wmic_process

Checkmk Manual

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Resource consumption of windows processes

Distribution: official part of Check_MK
License: GPL
Supported Agents: Windows

Note: This check is obsolete. Do not install wmicchecks.bat anymore. Use psperf.bat in combination with the normal ps.perf check. The rest of this man page is unchanged for legacy reasons:

This check uses the output of wmic process in order to monitor the resource consumption of processes on Windows servers. On the target host this check needs the command line utility wmic and the agent plugin wmicchecks.bat (in the subdirectory plugins below the directory where check_mk_agent.exe is located).

The monitored parameters are CPU usage (KernelModeTime + UserModeTime), RAM usage (WorkingSetSize) and page file usage (PageFileUsage). If more than one process matches the name, then all matching processes resources are added.

If no matching process is found running, then the check is always OK (since no resources are consumed).


A user definable string that is used as part of the service description. If you choose "APACHE" as item, for example, then the check will be named proc_APACHE.


No discovery supported.