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Mehr als 1300 Kunden der Enterprise Edition und unzählige Nutzer der Raw Edition vertrauen uns.

Dank dem ausgezeichnetem Agent-Handling und dem hervorragenden Support war die Umstellung unseres Managed Service auf Checkmk-Monitoring wesentlich einfacher als wir alle angenommen hatten. Einfach so 50.000 Services überwachen haben wir noch nie so einfach und vor allem so resourcenschonend gesehen.

Thomas Mikl, ACP IT Solutions GmbH

Thank you for (again) the great and quick support. Currently I am working with Checkmk for a year now and I really love the product. Glad to see that also the support is also very good!

Michiel van Pouderoijen, Netflex BV

I rely on Checkmk daily, and love how easy it is to extend it with custom checks. Just wanted to drop you a thanks and know that I tell anyone that will listen how wonderful it is. Thanks again, Colin

Colin Hines, Tower Hill Insurance Group, Florida

Unlike a lot of kludgey enterprise stuff that has made our life more painful, I have to say that every time I use our Checkmk Environment, it brings joy and productivity to my life. It’s fast, useful, and responsive. Just love it. [...] If only all our tools could be this elegant

James Barnes, Silverspring Networks

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